31/05/2013 Manchester

Peregrine Falcon: Today I was given the privilege of spending a few moments to photograph the Manchester's Peregrines on their nest site!

This nest site is kept a close secret but there is a 24 hour LIVE webcam set up so you can get up close and personal, check it out guys


Today was also a hot day, not just for us but for our Peregrines too!

The  female adult was sheltering two of it's chicks under her wings while one looks like its just given up with the heat, beak wide open and sitting in the shade of the wall.

A stunning view of the fastest animal on earth!
The Peregrines have been breeding in Manchester for ages and this year they have had 3 chicks which are growing fast, so come down to Exchange Square in Manchester which is the best place to see these birds, and see them in real life which is the best way to experience wildlife.