14/04/2013 Red Rocks

Common Toad: My third attempt at catching sight of the Ring Ouzel's which have been passing through the North Wirral Shore.

I looked all over Red Rocks in the rain and got blown away by the wind looking on the golf course without any sign of the bird, although I did see these awesome toads in their loving embrace known as "Amplexus".

This is where male Toads clasp the females in this special hold during mating and remain like this for a few days as the female lays her spawn.

White Wagtail: I also spotted several White Wags working the shore line looking for food.

I then drove round to Meols and Leasowe in search of the Ring Ouz but again lady luck was not with me and all I could see were bloody Blackbirds!
My day ended nice though as Dawn and I went out for dinner with a brief spot at Frodsham Marsh where we saw a stunning Male Marsh Harrier over tank no.6