29/03/2013 Manchester Ship - Moore

Scaup: I found myself down at Moore NR today in the lovely Spring sunshine intending to hunt for the drake Scaup  which has been infrequently spotted in the area for a few weeks.

I needed a Scaup on my 2013 list and more importantly my life list, I was actually a little disappointed after seeing the Lesser Scaup a few months back, as I had seen that bird already this year and I have been wanting to bag this bird for ages. Iv been keeping a close eye on the local sightings and hoping I might get lucky that one just might make an appearance at BMW.

And I know this is a little strange as I should have been more pleased to get a Lesser then a normal Greater Scaup! I guess its the curse of having a list.
The bird was with a flock of Tufted Duck around 30 strong and I finally spotted it on the Manchester Ship Canal between Moore and Wigg Island just after the old ruined brick building.

The other highlight was bumping in to Mike, a local and knowledgeable birder who has been working the Moss Wood patch for a few years now and shared a bit about the birds of Lower and Upper Moss Wood. Cheers mate. Also Barn Owl in its box a Stoat and a pair of Stonechat around the entrance of Moss Wood.