23/03/2013 Moore NR

Lesser Redpoll: After BMW closing yesterday due to the awful spring weather and the power shortage I was unable to do any birding and my only chance on Tuesday for a spot of birding was washed out by more bad weather, I decided to go to Moore despite the light dusting of snow everywhere.
I chanced my luck on Lapwing Lake first, hoping for a good pic of the resident Kingfisher and left a few hours later without even a glimpse of the bird!

Never mind got some good shots of  Tufted Duck and Great Crested Grebes.

I then  went over to Pumphouse Pool hoping for some good gulls, but again my luck was out although I came across around 15 Lesser Redpoll feeding on and around the hedgerow and alder trees alongside Pumphouse Pool. I took several hundred pictures (like I often do) and came across this bird (above) which has been ringed with a silver BTO ring! I wonder where it was caught?

Tufted Duck: This was one of the pics I took from Lapwing Lake while waiting for the Kingfisher, a worth well wait in my opinion.