05/03/2013 Moore Nature Reserve

Lesser Spotted Woodpecker: Now that I am road worthy and able to get out and about in my new car I decided to take a trip to Moore NR and try my luck with the Lesser Spotted Woodie.
When I arrived (after some awful parking, but they say you never actually learn to drive until you're out on the roads on your own) there was around half a dozen birders who had been there for literally hours waiting for the woodie to make an appearance.
So I decided to go for a walk and eat my lunch in the nice spring sunshine, on my way back I bumped in to one of the birders from earlier as he was ticking a bird of his list.

He said the bird was showing really well just opposite the feeding station visible from the road and alas there it was looking stunning in the sun!

It was a male and was happily foraging on the bark of a tree in the wood, until its larger, more aggressive cousin the Greater Spotted Woodpecker turned up and chased it off!