03/02/2013 Shotwick Cop Hole pool

Lesser Scaup: I was tipped off yesterday by Stan the man who is a regular birder and volunteer at BMW but unfortunately I was a work so unable to go and see the bird. So the next morning Dawn and I took a quick trip across to Shotwick Boating Lake where I caught the bird on the nearby pool and thanks to Denzel, another local birder I got some cracking views!  
The bird was associating with our more common Tufted Ducks and stayed on the far side of the pool and I could only manage theses record shots.

This pic shows the subtle differences between Tufted Ducks and this Lesser Scaup, you can clearly make out its pale grey-ish back while Tufted have black backs, the Lesser Scaup is also rather smaller and lacks the tuft on top of its head which the Tufted Duck gets its name. Good YEAR and great LIFE tick!