25/08/2012 Burton Mere Wetlands RSPB

Common Lizards:  This was one of many highlights of today action at Burton Mere Wetlands it was spotted on one of the ditches on the reed and fen trail, I actually found out that Common Lizards although their name suggest are no so common but here at Burton Mere Wetland there is a large and widespread population.

Green Woodpecker: I was surprised to see this young woody feeding in a garden as I walked in to work this morning. It was on someones lawn in one of those million pound houses just off Paddington Lane.

We know there is a resident Green Woodpecker on the reserve itself and we often get reports of people hearing its call but very few people actual get to see it. I was chuffed.

The Marsh Harriers once again didn’t disappoint as they showed really well through the day as did a Pectoral Sandpiper which was a fantastic tick.