22/07/2012 Thurstaston

Green Finch: Took a trip to Thurstaston shore for a spot of sun bathing, the shore was quiet as the tide was in while we were there and we had our minds on the sunbathing and not the birds. We then walked up to on top of the Red Rock Cliffs and found a superb little bird hide, situated at the back of the visitor centre.
Green Finch: (male) This little gem was pretty standard a few bird feeders and perching branches but very close to the hide, much closer then Moore’s and Martin Mere Nature reserves feeding stations. The first birds to arrive were Green Finch there was a flock of about 9 many of which were juveniles and females, Great Tit was the next to arrive and then the House Sparrows turned up for a quick feed.

Bullfinch: A group of Bullfinch came flying in there was 2 males and 3 females, theses came very close to the hide to feed before flying off over the hedges.
Robin: (juvenile) Other birds included a single Blue Tit a juvenile Robin, Wood Pidgins and Collard Doves, this place is fab and they had some pictures up in the hide of what birds had been seen, from brambling, Fieldfare and a stunning male Sparrowhawk so I would definitely recommend a visit if anyone is ever down on the beach sunning themselves.