07/05/2012 Bickley Hall Farm, Cheshire

Snakes Head Fritillary: Theses stunning and fragile looking wild flowers always excite attention wherever they are seen.

None of the other lovely members of the fritillaria genus can match this native wildflower for the bizarre and unmistakable colouring of its bell-shaped flowers.

Theses stunners where seen at The Cheshire Wildlife Trust head quarters at Bickley Hall Farm in Malpas, Cheshire.
I have never seen this flower in its flesh and was blown away with its striking dusky purples and chequered lilac patterns and pea green slender stems it is a must see, I can see where its name comes from.

I would encourage everyone to get out and see theses striking British flowers, rain or shine.

Before the rain. The weather was awful, it was raining all afternoon and I got very wet laying on the wet grass to get some good angles but I think it was worth it as the rain drops worked in may favour and added to the bit of sparkle to the snaps.

 I had to make it an honorary bird and put it on my Blog