27/05/2012 Martin Mere WWT

Barn Owl: A cracking sunny day at a Martin Mere where I was treated to some stunning views of a Barn Owl.

This guy was spotted along the Reed Bed walk, firstly when I sneezed and it felw out of a bush then over towards the Harrier Hide. I was gutted, a rookie mistake, and then it flew over a hedge and on to a fence post where I managed to creep up on it and get a few cloers shots.

Sedge Warbler, Whitethroat and Reed Warbler also in good numbers along the Reed Bed walk, Temminck's Stint and Green Sandpipers on the reserve also reports of Common Tern over Ron Brker Hide, although I did not see.

25/05/2012 Frodsham Marsh

Daisy: I have gone wildflower mad and birds have taken a back seat! I must have gone mad, It must be the sun.

25/05/2012 Moore Nature Reserve

Brimstone Butterfly: The Blubells in the sunshine look superb and when a Brimstone started to feed one one, I got down on my knees and composed this frame. Well worth a soggy knee in my book.

In a quick trip to moore I observed the usual garden birds and a frew warbler species, Blackcap, Willow and Reed.
No sign of the Lessser Woodie but two Greater Spotted Woodies where at the feeding station along with a few Jays.

Birds Foot Trefoil: This small overlooked wild flower is a little stunner, theses where in bloom just opposite the Lapwing Lake hide.

12/05/2012 Blue Tit Nest Cam

Blue Tit: I have recently been consulted by a member of the I.T team at Ellesmere Port Catholic High School on nest box building techniques and web cam installation.

It was Andy Houston, a personal friend of mine and a member of the I.T team at the school how had the idea of getting the kids involved in British Birds by not only constructing the bird box but doing all the work on the web cam. He has also kindly added a live feed to the cam on the Ellesmere Port Catholic High School web site.

Please check it out the link for the web cam is below. See the drama of real life Blue Tits nesting see as they lay eggs, raise their young and even watch the chick fledge from the nest.


10/05/2012 The River Dee

Greylag Goose: A walk down the River Dee to Eccleston and back on a hunt for a Kingfisher or two revealed absolutely no Kingfishers at all.

But down near the Earls estate there was a huge wildflower meadow, hiding in the middle where four Greylag which flew off on to the neighbouring farmers field.

Blackcap: It was a nice walk saw a few Blackcap, Chiffchaff and I have been told that at Eccleston Wood there has been sightings of Lesser Spotted Woodpeckers, I saw a Greater Spotted Woodie and hared others but no sign of the Lesser.

My first Chester Swift where seen flyng over the Dee and then two more where spotted ovr the Meadows. Top bird.

09/05/2012 Martin Mere WWT

Reed Warbler: An early morning at Martin Mere before the rains came relieved two new spring arrivals. Starting from the Reed Bed Walk, with the sun on my back I had to take my coat off, uplifting and enjoyable.

Whitethroat: Further along the walk near the kissing gates next to the United Utilities building I found myself surrounded by Whitethroat and it was here I caught a sighting of my first 2012 Swift flying high over towards the farm.

I was not only surrounded by Whitethroat, I was also surrounded by swarms of flies, no wonder it was a hot spot for theses very active warblers.

I then headed back to Martin Mere where I was treated to more Sedge Warbler, Balckcap and the regular gang of garden birds.

07/05/2012 Bickley Hall Farm, Cheshire

Snakes Head Fritillary: Theses stunning and fragile looking wild flowers always excite attention wherever they are seen.

None of the other lovely members of the fritillaria genus can match this native wildflower for the bizarre and unmistakable colouring of its bell-shaped flowers.

Theses stunners where seen at The Cheshire Wildlife Trust head quarters at Bickley Hall Farm in Malpas, Cheshire.
I have never seen this flower in its flesh and was blown away with its striking dusky purples and chequered lilac patterns and pea green slender stems it is a must see, I can see where its name comes from.

I would encourage everyone to get out and see theses striking British flowers, rain or shine.

Before the rain. The weather was awful, it was raining all afternoon and I got very wet laying on the wet grass to get some good angles but I think it was worth it as the rain drops worked in may favour and added to the bit of sparkle to the snaps.

 I had to make it an honorary bird and put it on my Blog

05/05/2012 Chester Meadows

Chiffchaff: Linnets and Greenfinch also around, Chiffchaff singing high in the trees along the banks of the Dee and hundreds of Swallow and House Martins flying low over the meadow.


Lesser Whitethroat: Chester meadows can at times be very boring at times for birding, but sometimes you get a nice surprise. Today and yesterday there has been a Lesser Whitethroat calling it has been showing well, although it was very tricky to snap a photograph as it keep itself deep within hawthorn bushes in the middle of the meadow.

Sorry this was the best of the lot, one I will definitely improve on!

02/05/2012 Burton Mere Wetlands RSPB

Whitethroat: Has the weather finally changed? The sun was shining and the temperature was up, blue skies and migrants galore! Fantastic.

At Inner Marsh Farm there was dozens of Whitethroats, the best views where down from the walkway near the bridge looking towards Burton Wetlands Centre. Here I was also treated to excellent views of singing Blackcaps, Willow Warbler and Chiffchaff.

Chiffchaff: A small flock of Linnet flew in to the farm fields and there were reports of Wheatear on the stone walls, although I didn’t see them.

Paul from the RSPB pointed out Lesser Whitethroat which was great and was singing and showing well.

Stonechat:  Down at Burton Marshes I was hoping for Whinchat but didn’t have long until the bus came some only got some snaps of the female Stonechat the male was around briefly and there was at least two reeling Grasshopper Warblers a first for the year.

Robin: So I started pretty late about 11ish and straight away got a Temminck's Stint outside the reception hide, the place was as usual chocca birders from wall to wall, I spent some time at the feeders hoping I would be lucky enough for a Red Poll fly by, but no luck.

Nuthatch: Nuthatch where everywhere along with Greater Spotted Woodpecker, one even gave me some great views at the feeders.

I also spotted a female and male Blackcap at the far end of the ponds.