12/04/2012 Chester Meadows

Grey Wagtail: Seen on the banks of the River Dee, Cormorant and very few Black Headed Gull also seen which is usual as I often see other gulls and in larger numbers.

After the visit to Burton I took a trip to the Meadows while the sun still had his hat on, on the way as I walked down the Dee path I came across a Cormorant on a red buoy, this was a good photo op.

I liked the contrast between the dark bird and background with the sharp red plastic buoy. I have posted a pic of a Cormorant in this pose (See Comerant Lables) 06/01/2011 Rivr Dee

Long Tail Tit: This was a lovely spring sight as a pair of Long Tail Tits where collecting webbing and other fluffy nest building materials. Otherwise it was a quiet day many dog walkers about not many gulls around either on the Dee or the Meadows.

Reed Bunting: Walking across the Earls Eye of the Meadow I saw this little flighty bird chirping away other noisy birds included Sky Larks and odd Mallards heard flying over head.