06/04/2012 Loggerheads

Dipper: This smashing little bird was the only good bird of the day as me and Dawn spent the day at Loggerheads it was seen on the River Alyn just along the footpath. The bird was showing really well and didn’t seem at all shy as it was feeding and preening right in front of us.

I am sure they are a common sight along the river at Loggerheads but I guess it can be a challenge to see them especially on a bank holiday weekend or a summer’s day. There were packs of dog walkers, many owners letting their dogs bounce around in the shallow water

I am surprised any Dipper would want to take up residence in this dog play pool, and alas the dipper was eventually sacred off after a Labrador came down for a dip. Greater Spotted Woodpecker was heard and there were lots of common tits, Chaffinches and Nuthatch also seen.