07/03/2012 Chester Meadows

Mediterranean gull: (the one sitting down) I went down to the meadows for a little ramble and I am so glad I did. I was scanning about 200 Back Headed Gulls and a few Herring Gulls when I came across this little blighter.

Plus a Common Gull right behind standing up! Great find.

Common Gull: (the one on the left in the middle)  Here you can see this larger black winged tipped gull with its yellow slim bill and the differences between the Med Gull With its white wing tips and black head and orange bill. And Black Hed Gulls with their Black Wing tips showing and dark bill.

This Med Gull was the only one there here seen sitting on the main grassy patch on Chester Meadows as you approach from the gate.

The Gull then flew on to the River Dee where he paddled around with a few Balk Headed Gulls. This picture shows the subtle differences between the two.